The World Needs More Healers - Why I started Reiki Energy Healing Work and How You Can Too

Hello There!. My name is Miss Queen V aka Violet and I am at your service today discussing reiki, why i do reiki, and how you can learn to do reiki. I also have a podcast episode with most of what's written below so if you'd prefer to listen then the link to do so is here:

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Let’s begin with a nice, deeeeeeeeep inhale, holding at the top, let it go. Take another breath and as you hold it at the top, think of something you’re grateful for. On our 3rd and last deep breath, hold it at the top and visualize that gratitude energy beaming out in all directions from your heart center.

Thank you for doing that, for being a lighthouse and a light keeper, for making a difference in people’s lives who you probably don’t even know about. So keep it up, I see you, I feel you, I honor you.

Ok so, Imagine this, you’ve just had a big day of being productive and all of a sudden you start to get a headache. You think “oh here we go again” but then you realized that you have recently become empowered with the energies of reiki!

So you go to the couch and sit back, putting your hands on top of your head as you channel reiki from the universe, through your crown chakra and out your hands, soothing the pain of the headache. It might go away completely after a few minutes or it might be relieved or less than it would be had you not done the reiki.

You move to cover your eyes sending reiki to a different area of your head and begin to have insights as to where the headache was coming from, you haven’t had enough water today, so taking a note to drink water soon you move to the back of your head and have a long lost memory of your grandmother giving you a healthy headache remedy as a child and get filled up by the love you feel for and from your ancestors.

You continue this self-healing reiki session while experiencing different sensations like floating above the earth, blissful in the universe, swirls of energy moving in your body, anger surfacing to be seen and transmuted into compassion and love. When you are complete, you walk away with insights, with deep relaxation, with headache relief and another step towards your enlightenment.

This is what’s available when you begin your journey as a reiki practitioner.

Thanks for going on that little journey with me, my intention is to illustrate just a small portion of what you can accomplish when you become a reiki healer. There are so many benefits to reiki that it’s hard to list all of them but to give you a good idea some of them are easing anxiety & depression, helping to relieve pain, speeding up recovery and alleviating stress,

Why I have been drawn to reiki to facilitate with others and to teach is because it’s simple and extremely powerful. Potentially anyone can learn it. Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that brings balance to your body, mind and spirit. When our whole being is in balance it allows for our body’s natural abilities to function at their highest.

If you’ve even been to a chiropractor, they might have explained to you the the purpose of chiro is not to “crack your back” or just to relieve pain temporarily, it’s so much deeper than that. We have our spinal chord that is the source of our nervous systems and chiropractic helps people to realign their physiology to allow the spinal chord and nerves to flow and without and bends and kinks in it, which relieves pain and allows for many of the body’s functions to run optimally, think digestion which is connected to detoxing which can be connected to your moods and how you feel and so on.

Reiki, while we don’t adjust people physically, is an adjustment in energy. The practitioner lays or hovers their hand over the recipient or themselves, holding the hand position for usually 3-5 minutes as they channel the focused energy through the crown of their head using reiki symbols or just connecting with the energy and flowing it out of their hands and into wherever they are focusing. The person receiving reiki will often times feel relaxation overcome them to the point of falling asleep, which is a good thing, to the point of feeling tingles, having muscle spasms as the energy is releasing. When receiving reiki, you can also experience deep emotional release, crying as stuck energy is moving out of your body and healing you on many levels or laughter and everything in between.

There is so much more I can speak about what you can get from reiki and I will be sharing more on that in future episodes and while we are here today I’d like to talk about why learning to do reiki instead of just receiving it, brings a whole new level of spiritual development and healing.

I began my reiki healing journey at a rave, of all places, and I had some interest before but had no clue I would go down this path. While bopping around, dancing to the music and meeting people back in either 2017 or 2018, I met someone who was a nice person and who also seemed to have a lot of built up energy and seemed a little off or nervous. When we said our goodbyes, I give him a hug where both of my hands were flat on his back and I held the hug as long as I felt the hug wanted to last. It felt like hugs I’ve had in the past but still different, I felt the hug feeling nice and then it felt like that feeling dissipating and that signaled the end of the hug. Afterwards he was very grounded, no longer nervous or anxious and he looked at me and asked me “are you a healer?” to which I replied, I guess so! And coming from him who was a doctor, that experience gave me a lot of confirmation to move forward in developing my healing abilities.

After that experience, I started to feel a little wobbly in my legs and I needed to rest and take it easy for the next hour or so but I was having fun giving “healing hugs” to people at the rave, my friends and future events. Eventually I learned that why I was feeling weak after too many healing hugs was because I was using my own energy. Reiki

In Reiki, you channel energy from the universe, which is an infinite source. You’re kind of like a laptop charger plugged into the wall of energy that gets charged up and healed as you are giving a healing. It’s pretty fun stuff.

Not only do you get healing, insights, relief and more from receiving reiki, being the one to channel and work with the reiki energy is also deeply healing and profound. They say if you want to learn something, teach it. Have you ever experienced that?

As I’ve been teaching reiki for about a year, I have had so many breakthroughs and have received so many upgrades. Most recently I have had the breakthrough of being able to be around and not run away from people’s anger. This is huge for me as all my life I have had an impulse of either crying when other people get upset (with me or even just around me) or wanting to get away from it. I felt like I was never able to be around another person’s anger without it making me also angry or triggering me in some way. Maybe I’ll get into the story in a future episode as well.

It has been extremely helpful to have reiki as a tool in my tool belt and one of the main ones at that to support in my own life and to be able to channel reiki to those who need it and to be able to give it to others to practice has been a huge blessing and honor.

This is something that the whole world needs. Whatever profession you’re in or whatever you’re studying, reiki can support you in many ways. If you’re interested in learning reiki, I am offering a reiki level 1 course designed to be completed within 3 weeks, that consists of video training modules, 3 live calls with me, a fancy designed workbook and a digital certificate at the end. You will have unlimited access to the content and you can always reach out to me as a guide or support as you explore and develop your relationship to reiki.

Our course is called Reiki Foundations because we are setting the foundation to a successful practice. It took me about a year with coaching and with creating to get this program off the ground and it really was me setting the foundation for my own life, for the magic lighthouse, to bring this to you to have a powerful impact.

The price currently is $97 and will be going up in the near future so hop on this opportunity while it’s here if you’re feeling the call and have been curious about learning reiki or know that it is the next step for you.

To sign up you can go to or click the link in the show notes.

I will be launching level 2 and level 3 training soon and I can take private students until then so if you’re at that level and want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to or instagram @themagiclighthouse.

I am giving a free 30-minute reiki session to everyone who signs up for the reiki course by February 14, because I love you all and I figure it’s a good idea to receive a session from me if you’re going to learn from me. Anywho, jump on this while you can!

Thank you so much for being here with me and listening to my stories about how reiki has made a difference for me and if this inspires you, please share it out to inspire more around you and give them the gift of learning reiki.


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