Melting away the Tiredness with Reiki

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Yesterday I felt drained after a long group conversion, tending to my son, John, throughout the day and my other tasks on top of lack of sleep. It was only about 4pm and I was dooonnneeee.

I really could have just been done with the day and gone to bed if I had the space but no, I had to do something to keep myself going. I have an energetic 1 year old to keep up with plus dinner, bath time, etc.

I spent about 30 minutes doing reiki on myself while John played with toys and climbed all over me, haha. My hands started on the crown of my head as I channeled the first reiki symbol, I felt an immediate relief, instant space.

I felt the stress, tiredness and heaviness melt away.

Peace took over as I moved hand position to hand position, bringing clarity to areas in my life that needed a smoothing over, and relaxation to my cells.

No matter how skeptical I am of reiki or any spiritual practice in general, I am always in awe of how powerful and healing it truly is. It feels like a gentle and amazing flow of a continuous ocean wave traveling from the universe.

March 14, from 1-2:30 pm pst I'm partnering with Elizabeth Joy in a group supported Reiki and Theta healing meditation/workshop centered around JOY. If you want to experience that gentle, powerful wave of relief while reprogramming your subconscious mind, then please join us. We host these sessions every month for your greatest and highest good. Would love to see you there.

Link for March is here.

If you read all of this, drop me your favorite emoji and let me know if you're coming or if you have any questions about Reiki or Theta.

Sending you so much love,

Violet Koncz