FREE Full Moon Ritual with Reiki

Enjoy this free Full Moon Ceremony to support you in unwrapping the layers needing to be released so you can be set free and launched into the next phase for your soul's calling.

In this hour-long sacredly held container you will be guided on a journey back to your self and to your remembrance of your magnificent being through movement (light sensual dance), journaling, intention setting for this powerful lunar time and then guided into a sweet, gentle and channeled just for you Reiki energy healing session. We complete with a bit more journaling to integrate anything that needs to be integrated and top it off with a special offer.

If you'd like to sign up for our Full Moon, New Moon Ritual Container you can Venmo TheMagicLighthouse (Violet Koncz) which package you'd like: $75 for one month or $222 for 3 months that will take us through the rest of the year.


you can do so by clicking this link: (link coming soon)

Thank you for sharing your light with us, thank you for sharing your love with the world and and taking the time to take care of yourself.

With so much love,

Violet & Lindsay


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Full moon tips

-Emotionally we tend to feel FULL during this time so give yourself some compassion and care

-This is a great time to release old versions of yourself

-Write a letter to yourself and thank yourself for all the work you've done for yourself and what you'd like to let go

-We are entering the age of Aquarius which is very intuitive, psychic abilities are being heightened. We are being up-leveled into a new era and a new way to live life.

Feel free to leave your favorite full moon self-care tips in the comments below!