Episode 009 | Prayer & Partnering with Love with Nicole Jansen


"The more that we share that love, we begin to partner with God in bringing heaven to Earth” Nicole Jansen

Nicole Jansen​, business coach, podcast host and transformational leader, and I discuss prayer, how to overcome a couple of the main things in the way of prayer, the importance of having people around you that create a safe environment, my mental breakdown in 2014 that lead to my spiritual awakening, her cute cat, Ches, and more in this deep discussion!

I loved this conversation with Nicole, connecting with an old friend (my, has time flown), going deep in conversation and speaking on what inspires us.

To connect with Nicole, go to her website Discover The Edge and send her an email or connect on social media. If you want to hear more awesome discussions on transformation and powerful performance, and check out her podcast Leaders of Transformation.

Thank you for being here and sharing your light with us.

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