Episode 003 | Abbie Weiss from Unleash your Message Shares her Women's Empowerment Message

In this episode, Abbie Weiss of Unleash Your Message, and I talk about her journey from being in the corporate world most of her adult life to pivoting towards a more fulfilling, feminine and in-flow lifestyle for herself. She shares about her mission to empower women (and men) in going from competition to collaboration, stressing our adrenals to resting and listening to our bodies, going from forcing to flowing.

"The world will be saved by the western woman" - The Dalai Lama

She has lead to thousands of people throughout her years at her last job, being a conduit of transformation and empowerment for many. In this retreat, she hones in on her goddess empowerment message, leaving you fully ignited to step into yourself as a created queen and goddess.

To learn more about Abbie and see how you can work with him, reach out to him at www.abbieweiss.com.

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